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Didn't you already get married?

We did! Due to COVID-19, we decided to postpone the formal ceremony until all of our friends and family could join us. Instead, we had a short ceremony on the beach in Hawaii where we signed the paperwork and made it legal. However, we've saved our vows and the actual "I do's" to a time when we can be supported and welcomed into marriage by our closest friends and family - you!

What about COVID?

At the time of the wedding celebration, the venue will comply with all state-issued social distancing recommendations that are in effect. We will communicate the current guidance to you via email in the weeks before the wedding. If you are sick, we ask that you please stay home and take care to get better.

Wait - so the wedding is on a Tuesday??

Our venue was extremely gracious to allow us to postpone at no additional cost. However, due to the large volume of couples postponing their weddings, we were only able to select from weekday dates.

We know that a Tuesday wedding requires many individuals to take off work and that in this economic uncertainty, this might not be an option for everyone. We are so thankful to have you in our lives regardless and completely understand if the new date precludes you from joining us.

Do you have a gift registry?

No. We ask that you please do not buy us any gifts. It is more than enough that you are in our lives to support us for this important moment. Plus, we have no way to get the gifts back to Papua New Guinea :)


We hope that we can have as many people at our celebration as possible. We feel blessed and loved to have you in our lives, and that is gift enough!

What is the dress code for the wedding ceremony and reception?

The wedding venue is a 20 acre farm, complete with horses, gardens and creeks. Weather permitting, the ceremony will be outdoors. Please bring a jacket and any other accessories to make sure you are comfortable in (average) 70°F weather during the day and 50°F weather at night. That being said, it might be much warmer or cooler than expected, so please check the weather and pack accordingly before you join us in Asheville. For our heel-wearers, we would recommend a wedge heel or no heel at all given the ceremony will be in the grass (weather permitting). The reception will be inside a tent (which can be climate controlled if necessary), so you can expect to ditch the coat or jacket for a night of dancing and fun!  A cocktail length dress or slacks and a button down would all be appropriate. All that being said, we want you to be comfortable and be you!

What will the weather be like?

October weather in the southern Appalachian mountains is known for the amazing changes in the leaf color and wonderful mild temperatures (high: 70°F; low: 50°F). Expect anywhere from 40°F - 85°F, and be sure to check the weather before packing for the weekend. Precipitation is likely at least one day during your stay, so be sure to pack an umbrella, rain coat, and/or weather appropriate shoes.

What about social media, phones, and pictures at the ceremony and reception? 

During the ceremony, we kindly ask that you do not use your phones or personal cameras. You've traveled a long way to see us, so we invite you to be present in the moment with us and trust the professionals to get all the best pictures.  During the reception, please feel free to use your phones and take as many photos as you would like! 

Many of you know that Lesli and John are not the biggest social media users and that we highly value our personal privacy. With that in mind, we have asked the venue not to post photos with our images or that of our guests to social media or for use in marketing. However, our guests should feel free to use social media and post photos as you please following the event.

How do I get to the venue?

Please see the Flying & Driving page for more information. If you are staying off-site and wish to drive, there will be parking available at the venue. If you plan on toasting us with a drink during the reception, we ask that you use a service such as Lyft or Uber. Given the venue is very close to downtown and most hotels, these services should cost no more than $10-15 each way.

Where should I park?

If you are staying off-site, parking is in the main field just after you enter the farm.  About an hour before the event time, the venue will have greeters on duty to direct people to the parking area. If you are staying on-site at the event venue with us, we request that you please do not move your cars from the on-site housing spots an hour before or during the ceremony.

Where should I stay?

There are a number of rooms available in houses located on the venue grounds. These can accommodate up to 75 people for the duration of the wedding weekend and are available on a first come, first served basis at $150 per person. We highly encourage any guests who feel comfortable to take advantage of this option! Please click here for more information.


There are also a number of area hotels and other options located off-site from the venue. Please click here for more information

What is there to do in Asheville before and after the wedding? 

Firstly, we are planning a few events in addition to the wedding celebration in the days before and after so we can see you more! Please check those out here.

That said, we chose to have our wedding in Asheville so that all of our guests could have a little getaway in a fun little city! Asheville is known in the Southeastern US for its amazing music, nature, arts, food, and craft beer. These websites have event calendars, as well as ideas for all the fun things to see, eat, drink, and do in town: and

Here are some links with recommendations from the bride and groom: 

We ask that you follow all state and local regulations regarding social distancing and COVID-19 protocols. There are numerous outdoor activities available in and around Asheville to keep safe and keep your distance!

How are you making sure your wedding has minimal impact on the environment? 

We chose this venue due to their environmentally and socially conscious philosophy as a business. We hope that our event can be as 'waste free' as possible. Here are some of the key ways we are planning to accomplish that:

  • All dishes, glassware and silverware for wedding events will either be reusable or made from recycled, compostable materials.

  • All flowers for the event will be grown on site at the farm. The day following the wedding, flowers will be donated to hospice patients and nursing homes.

  • All leftover food from the wedding reception will be donated to local homeless shelters the day following the event.

  • As much as possible, the venue will source menu items locally or from the farm.

  • Facilities to recycle cans, bottles, paper and other materials will be available in the on-site housing and at the weekend events.

  • All wedding invites, RSVPs, and programs will be paper free (aka digital).

If you have further ideas about how we can reduce waste, please let us know! 

How can we contact you? 


US phone & whatsapp: +1 423-539-1009


US phone & whatsapp: +1 808-724-0158

WEDDING EMAIL (we both read this)

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