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The wedding venue has six houses of varying size available onsite for accommodating wedding guests. We chose this venue due to its close proximity to downtown Asheville and the affordable accommodation for up to 75 guests.


If you are traveling all this way to see us, 1) we want to keep the costs for you as reasonable as possible and 2) we would be delighted to spend not just a few hours with our favorite people but to enjoy your company for the entire weekend!


The housing is available from Sunday, October 16 until Wednesday, October 19 on the property of the wedding venue. You are welcome to stay one, two or all three nights. The earliest you may check in is 2pm on Sunday, October 16. The latest you may checkout is at 11am on Wednesday, October 19.


How much?

The housing cost is $150 per person for the totality of your stay, regardless of the number of nights you stay. For example, if you are a couple staying one night, you would pay $300. If you are a couple staying three nights, you would still pay $300. The payment is due directly to the venue upon checkout on Wednesday, October 19.

How do we pick a room?

We (Lesli and John) will be assigning beds to anyone who chooses to stay with us. We cannot guarantee a private room, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone's needs and to put you in a house with people you already know. Please click here to view the housing on the venue website. 


What do we need to bring? 

All rentals include full cooking equipment, dishes/utensils/glassware, sheets, and towels. Guests will be responsible for all food and drinks outside of official wedding events (where it is indicated there will be food), as well as any paper products, soap, toiletries, etc. The housing also includes a starter kit of paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, and trash and recycling can liners, however if you run out of these items during your stay, guests will have to purchase their own. Think of it like an Airbnb :) 

Is there housekeeping provided during our stay

No, cleaning services are not provided during your stay. Guests must also leave the housing clean-ish upon departure. Directions for cleaning the rentals are posted in each house. This includes: stripping beds of used sheets, gathering of dirty towels, and the placing linens in the laundry rooms or at the front door of each unit. All trash and recycling materials should be taken out, and dishes should be cleaned and put away in each house.

What else do I need to know? 

All rentals are non-smoking and pet-free. There is also a noise policy due to the location of the houses in a valley with residences around: No amplified music is allowed outside of the houses. Non amplified music and noise must end by 9pm.

How do I sign up?

Housing will be available on a first come, first served basis. Once all beds are full, guests will have to find housing offsite. When you are ready to commit to the on-site housing, please RSVP below and fill out a short questionnaire we've prepared to make sure you have the best experience. The deadline to RSVP for onsite housing is 1 October 2022.

What if we don't want to stay onsite at the venue? 

Please click here for other options for nearby accommodation.

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